What is Edible Routes?

Our aim is to create regenerative and diverse ecosystems that also provide food for your body and soul.

Edible Routes is an earth and people friendly business that provides step-by-step guidance on how to efficiently design, plan, build and manage organic edible landscapes and home gardens, and create products to nurture the earth. We find ways for people to grow locally and eat seasonally. All you need is a little space and a commitment to the soil.

We conduct workshops and provide ongoing support for kitchen gardeners. We design and build urban food gardens in confined spaces like terraces, backyards and balconies. And we help set up and run organic farms in & around cities.

We have a simple vision and are finding ways to get there:

Picture a world where all our food is grown within walking distance of where we live. And most of our food is homegrown. And imagine a world where everything we eat is produced by people known to us. This is a place with a strong sense of community and delicious, fresh food. This is our vision.