Farm Land

We provide a range of consultancy services relating to urban organic farming. If you have a farm house you want to put to better use, or have an abandoned piece of land around the city you want to farm on give us a call today. We’ll design, create as well as help manage your commercial food farm / home vegetable garden.

We love the earth and love converting barren and underused land into healthy, productive food forests. We work hand in hand with nature to maximize the use of soil, water, sunlight, wind and other local energy flows.

Our design strategies minimize environmental impact and ensure that existing natural systems are safeguarded and resources used most efficiently. Our aim is to create regenerative and diverse ecosystems that also provide food for your body and soul.

During the consultancy process we’ll teach you and/or your staff how to run the farm. And we’ll help you develop land management strategies for improving productivity, increasing biodiversity, and reducing chemicals on your property.