Edible Routes is providing  Farmlets (1200 sq ft, 1800 sq ft and 2400 sq ft) for subscription just 20 kms away from Gurgaon near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and 10 kms away from South Delhi behind Kalindi Kunj Metro Station

A farmlet is a plot of agricultural land (near a large metro city) made available for growing food for personal consumption. Such plots are formed by sub-diving a piece of large farmland into a smaller parcels that are assigned to individuals or families. We offer allotments where you can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs with our technical support. It helps build a community that focuses on eating healthy and conserving the environment. Subscribers become more aware of the benefits of good nutrition and understand where their food comes from. There is nothing better than growing your own food while enjoying the benefits of outdoor life and spending stress free time with family and friends around city areas.

We facilitate the work required to maintain your farmlet. This would ensure that you enjoy the goodness of your farm produce to the optimum. We would take care of all your farming requirements such as seeds, saplings, organic manure, weeding, watering, manpower and maintenance. Without  damaging  the  mother  nature, we  make  smaller  kyaaris so  that  the  share of  the  subscriber is  just  adequate  for  a  family  of  5  to 8 persons i.e. of 2400sqft. Output will however vary sometimes,  from  farm  to  farm  and  from  season  to  season.

How it works:

  1. Get registered with us.
  2. We will allocate a farmlet (1200, 1800 and 2400 sqft) at a community farm near you.We have 2 locations at present Damaali Farm ( Sadrana village, Distt Gurgaon) and Aali Farm ( Jaitpur Village, Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi)
  3. You choose what you want to grow while we manage your farmlet with our technical support.
  4. We will fully facilitate the work required to maintain your farmlet from seeds, saplings, to organic manure, weeding, watering, and maintenance.
  5. Schedule a farm visit with your family/friends and harvest your own crops.
  6. Or let us deliver a basket of fresh produce at your doorstep (four times a month)

Growing your own food on your own farmlet with Edible Routes has many benefits:

  1. Fresh & healthy food: You will know exactly how your food is grown without any chemicals and in a natural environment
  2. Farming experience: Learn organic farming from our experts during free workshop sessions & experience the joy of growing your own food.
  3. Knowledge sharing: Chat about recipes & experiences with other city farmers during open-houses and in our Whatsapp groups.
  4. Improve soil quality: Permaculture farming techniques rejuvenates soil.
  5. Have fun: A weekend farm visit with family and friends

Why us?

  • Certified perma-culturists and organic farming experts
  • In-house organic composting and bio-pesticides
  • Access to organic and healthy food recipes from the harvest
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Water conservation techniques
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Optimizing the cost of organic production (zero budget farming)

Managing a farm is a tedious task. We provide sustainable farming solutions like drip irrigation, companion planting and organic farming which reduces farm operations and labour expenses. Edible Routes is a team of individuals and farmers which assists the community farming members to govern the farm, providing major resources for farming like land, labour, irrigation, manure and seeds along with technical advice on growing and harvesting seasonal crops with focus on local food production using permaculture practices.

What will be provided in the subscription cost:

  1. A personalised farmlet i.e. 1200 sq ft, 1800 sq ft or 2400 sq ft of agricultural plot, where food is grown in front of you organically
  2. Compost from farm waste and cow-centric farming methods
  3. Consultancy on high efficiency crop selection for you
  4. Consultancy on bio-pesticides plans for you
  5. Help with harvesting your crops
  6. Free home deliveries (four times a month)
  7. Access to our expert consultancy group on WhatsApp
  8. Access to organic food recipes from our experts
  9. A gadget free experience, close to nature
  10. Weekly visits to the farm with your family and friends


Damali Farms,  in  the  vicinity  of  Delhi near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Aali farms, in Jaitpur Village behind Kalindi Kunj Metro Station provides  an  easy,  affordable,  accessible  way  for  you  to escape  from  the  concrete  jungle  and  stressful  lifestyle,  and reconnect  with nature to rediscover  farming  in less time.

What we need from you:

  • Love for your plants
  • Your presence (once a week at least)
  • Subscription for minimum 6 months


With constant flow of knowledge and a lot of hard work, our aim would be to keep you connected with your roots and mother earth to harness the benefits of permaculture to grow food.

Click here if you want to start now: http://eepurl.com/duw9ID

Write to us at letsfarm@edibleroutes.com or Call at 9811071751 for more details