Edible Routes

Aali Farm

Aali Farm


Aali - You Grow (Do it Yourself)
per year
per month

Security deposit 9000 (Refundable)

  • 14 Raised Bed on 1200 Sqft. Land
  • Drip Water Irrigation System
  • Water supply
  • Access to Edible Routes Facilitated Live Workshops
  • Other products and services can be accessed as per the rate card


Aali - Your Managed Kitchen Garden
per year
per month

Security deposit 16500 (Refundable)

Everything from You Grow +
  • Harvest from Common Area as Available
  • Plantations of vegetable as per Planting Calendar
  • Regular Soil Enrichment
  • Natural Pest Management
  • Weekly Home-Delivery of Produce
  • Farm Assistance as Required

Terms & Conditions​

      • Lock in period: There is a 12 months lock in period when you begin your subscription. Farmlets are meant to give you an experience of growing your own food. We believe it is necessary to grow for one whole year so that you get the complete experience of growing in all the seasons.
      • Security deposit: To ensure a lock in of 12 months, in case of early cancellation the refundable deposit will be forfeited.
      • Subscription on hold: Your subscription can’t be put on hold. However, you can pass it to your family or friends by changing the address only once in 12 months.