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We Have One Goal

Bringing food closer to people

Urban Citizens receive their food after it has travelled 800 km on average to reach them from where it is actually grown. Now, picture a world where all our food is grown within walking distance of where we live by farmers who know us. A couple of generations earlier, our ancestors were used to the freshness in food that we now search but cannot find. We are used to eating food that is sourced from very far from our homes, is usually pre-cooked and reheated, packaged and so on. 

Once you start growing your own herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits, we guarantee that you will never go back to buying them from anywhere else.

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."​
-Mahatma Gandhi

Our Discovery

From the start of our journey we have always found deep satisfaction when it comes to nurturing life through plants. Through our  farming methods, we are able to enrich the earth back, as against using its invaluable fertility to grow food like a factory. 

The journey of becoming a grower and the sense of accomplishment after every harvest is transformative for our customers, and fulfilling for us.

Edible Routes is wholistic company as of today. But it wasn’t like that when we began.

We saw the need to start at the roots, offering workshops and courses to those who wanted to grow organic food. But we realised that something more needs to be done to convert knowledge into action. This gave birth to our Kitchen Garden offering. Diving deeper, we found that some families needed space to produce food, hence came to life, our Farmlet offering. Our mission is to create largely self sustaining communities in Urban areas of the country and probably the world.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

I started thinking about health and wellness, lifestyle choices and soon came the realisation that food is where all our problems begin as a race, be it the availability or its impact on our health in the long term. It was obvious that the solution will also come from there. I will urge everyone I come across to ask three questions about their food.. Where is it being grown, Who is growing it and How is it being grown? 

Kapil Mandawewala


Team @ ER

Jane Wilson

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