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About Edible Routes Foundation

Edible Routes Foundation (or ERF) restores and revitalizes land, water and community. We are a non-profit committed to finding local solutions to global environmental problems. Our work areas include, but are not limited to, eco-education, waste management, water harvesting and ecological restoration.

To get a glimpse of our ongoing work:  

Work areas

  1. Environmental and nature education
  2. Farmer outreach
  3. Advocacy
  4. Ecological and biodiversity restoration:
  5. Creating and managing a native tree and plant nursery
  6. Creating a seed bank of endangered local vegetables and fruit
  7. Disseminating information about native flora
  8. Conducting research on the importance of native flora
  9. Restoring degraded landscapes and water bodies
  10. Urban rainwater harvesting and grey/black water management
  11. Waste management:
  12. Conducting waste audits
  13. Setting up individual and institutional composting systems
  14. Creating dry-pit toilets
  15. Renewable energy systems
  16. Biogas plants
  17. Air-pressure cooler
  18. Solar cookers
  19. Trompe systems


We know that every being is deeply interconnected and interdependent. We know that humanity is inextricably embedded in the ever-widening circle of life, including all sea creatures, insects, plants, trees, birds, worms, bacteria, fungi and animals. And we know that all of these beings exist harmoniously on this planet, living and dying through the cycles of wind, water, earth, fire and ether.

Industrialized life has severed the Earth’s cyclical nature, resulting in the current climate crisis, ecological degradation and gross inequality between “man” and “his” fellow beings.

ERF aims to heal and re-make these connections and create a more egalitarian world by:

  • Combining traditional wisdom with simple and appropriate technology
  • Finding local solutions to climate change
  • Spreading holistic and context-specific environmental awareness
  • Mobilizing and transforming communities

Our projects

A few glimpses of the projects ERF is beginning to take its first baby steps with:

Aali Farm: our base, our research station and our ongoing experiment with urban sustainability
Aali Farm is located in a beautiful fruit orchard near the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. It is a perfect place to do our research on natural farming practices, permaculture and waste management. It’s our base and home where we’ll be conducting many events and workshops; and from where we’ll run our nursery.
Currently we are in the process of creating our office using natural construction; our office kitchen garden and Metta Garden (Garden of Loving Kindness); our trees and natives nursery; and we are rejuvenating the farm and its fruit orchards.

Nature kids: A monthly program aimed at reconnecting children to the wonders of nature
In the Nature Kids program, we take children on enchanting journeys in parks, forests and gardens, guiding them to use all five senses to re-connect with the wonders of nature.
Children (and parents) emerge from this workshop calmed, inquisitive and ever more respectful for the world around them. This free workshop is a must for those who want to learn to love and respect nature more profoundly.

Nai Disha: an urban, low-income garden restoration project
This is our attempt to restore a garbage dump into a beautiful park and playground. We are working with an NGO to mobilize local low-income communities to work together to keep an open public space clean and to transform it into a playground and a park by re-using local waste water to grow trees and beneficial plants.

Nursery of Trees and Natives:
Our stock of carefully chosen native and appropriate trees and plants to distribute to people in and around Delhi. We have fruit, medicinal, timber and flowering trees. We also have a host of air-purifying plants, herbs and shrubs to deal with Delhi’s air pollution.

Aali Office Garden:
The Aali office garden is a space for us to grow annuals, perennials and flowers, for use in the office and as a learning tool for our workshops.

Metta Garden:
The word metta is a Buddhist term for ‘loving kindness’. The Metta Garden, full of native flowers, grasses, herbs and shrubs is a place to welcome other small beings like ladybugs, butterflies, birds and moths. It’s a small piece of the Earth cultivated solely for other non-humans. The Metta Garden is thematically designed using the five elements of earth, fire, wind, water and ether. This enables people to feel a sense of inner peace and metta towards all others as they proceed through the space.

Membership Subscription

At ERF we are always happy to have likeminded people come join us. As an ERF member you can participate in our meetings and always stay updated on our programs and events. You also get a chance to join us during our activities.

If you are passionate about nature, reforestation, transforming communities and sustainability then hop on board!

Choose to become a member from the categories below:

  1. Annual membership  – Rs 250
  2. Kid’s Membership – Rs 100 (only if you’re below 18)

Contact us

We are always happy to connect with people. To know more about ERF’s work, membership and impact so far, please call us at 8587087886