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A Meal on a Leaf

December 10 2021 at 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Edible Routes in association with Beetroute, from their Farm Kitchen, are bringing A MEAL ON A LEAF

A Meal on a Leaf with Beetroute is a traditional Kerala meal ‘plated’ on a Banana Leaf. It’s a mini feast with multiple dishes and a payasam. And there will be ‘Sulaimani’ Chai – the popular Malabar beverage which is like a postlude to a heavy meal. But works for the Delhi winters even after a light meal like this.

A well-balanced meal with all the 5 tastes + umami

  1. Matta rice: (Red Rice from Kerala) The protagonist of the Sadya. A variety of rice commonly had in Kerala. Beautiful and rustic with its pinkish hue.
  2. Sambar: (South Indian Lentil Stew) A veg lentil stew With a difference. The masala and the vegetables that go into it along with tamarind pulp and asafoetida, gives it the zing.
  3. Avial: (mixed veggies cooked with coconut). Mixed vegetable curry with ground coconut paste forming a thick gravy.
  4. Thoran: (Vegetable stir fry with grated coconut) Finely chopped vegetable stir fry flavoured with curry leaves and ground coconut.
  5. Pachadi: (Raita) A sort of raita with a mix of vegetable and yoghurt with ground coconut and mustard.
  6. Pineapple Puliserry: (The South Indian Kadhi). A sweet and tangy dish made with pineapple and yoghurt.
  7. Inji Curry: (Ginger chutney A tangy sweet and sour chutney of ginger, tamarind and jaggery.
  8. Pickle: Lime
  9. Pappadam: (Papad) The crisp deep fried pappadams add on to the taste of any curry with rice.
  10. Payasam: The Indian pudding to round off an elaborate but light meal.
  11. Sulaimani: Black spiced tea from the Malabar.

Quick details:
Date: Friday, 10th December 2021
Time: 12:00 pm – 03:00 pm
Fees: 1250/-
Venue: Edible Routes- Amarkanan farm
Farm no- 3, north drive , DLF Chatterpur
Location – https://g.page/Amarkanan-Farm?share

About Beetroute

Beetroute is all about simple, delicious, and thoughtful food – fresh and flavourful, light and healthy, vibrant and delicious. They bring you food that makes your every day exciting and special days super. It is a delivery kitchen – a home kitchen – which serves family favorites and familiar flavors. Started in 2019, from a tiny kitchen in South Delhi, it delivers across Delhi-NCR now.

About Edible Routes: 

Edible Routes is an earth and people-friendly business and we see a world where all our food is grown close to us and by people known to us. This is a place with a strong sense of community, delicious organic food, and happy souls.

Our journey began in 2015 with a dream of enabling every person to grow their own organic and sustainable food on their terrace gardens, balconies, and homes. It fills our heart with happiness to have been able to provide so many families all over Delhi NCR the joy of eating healthy, growing organic food in their kitchen gardens, and building a community of urban farmers.

At Edible Routes through services where we design home kitchen gardens, farm management, restoration of degraded land, water harvesting, workshops, helping people grow organic food in miniature Farmlets and by providing natural and organic gardening products we are moving towards creating a world of conscious and healthy people who care for themselves and the earth.