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Naturopathy For Urban Living

Do you sometimes feel disconnected: from your family, your surroundings, even yourself? In our brick-and-mortar urban lifestyles, that’s not unusual. To build connection with people around us though, it’s important to be in tune with ourselves first. But modern conveniences, ‘tower’ living, and long work hours have left us numb. 

This workshop is about recognising the five elements that live within us that are also a part of Nature. Our bodies are made up of space, air, water, fire, and earth. How do we identify the imbalances within? How do we look to Nature to help balance our internal landscape? How do we feel more connected to ourselves?

Let’s experience the joy of grounding by walking on wet earth, the sense of space by being in the open, and the feel of fresh air touch our skin. Let nature heal!

Date: 17th October, 2021

Time: 10 am – 12 Noon

Facilitator: Rupinder Kaur

Fee: Rs. 599/-

Venue: Edible Routes- Amarkanan farm
Farm no- 3, north drive , DLF chatterpur


About the Facilitator:

Rupinder is a certified naturopath (NDDY) who practises both online and in-person. Her association with naturopathy dates back to her early childhood, thanks to her father. Over the years, whenever she found herself disconnected, depleted or sick, natural healing always came to her rescue.

Three years ago, she decided to plunge full time into naturopathy to see if it was possible to live in rhythm with nature while in urban surroundings. She has realised that it is. Today she shares her journey of connection and talks about the ways in which the principles of naturopathy can be adopted in big city living.

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