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South Indian Breakfast @ Amarkanan Farm, Chattarpur

April 17 @ 09:00 am – 11:30 am

Edible Routes in association with Archana Singh’s Café de Laila is bringing “South Indian Breakfast“.

Archana’s food takeaway initiative, Café de Laila started as a response to COVID, when people could not venture out of their homes. She noticed how people would order food from outside and eat unhealthy food on a regular basis. With Café De Laila, Archana’s vision was to provide delicious yet adulteration-free, organic, and homemade food without any chemicals or preservatives added.
The dream is to bring the perfect fusion of East and West through her unique menu that combines the best of Rajasthan and Awadh, and other regions of India.

Main Menu

Masala Dosa : Crispy fermented Rice n black gram paste Crepes with stuffing of flavourful mashed potato.
Uttapam : Rice n black gram pan cakes with topping of onions, capsicum and tomatoes.
Sambar : Special tangy dal made with arhar and veggies.
Coconut Chutney : made up of fresh coconut and greens
Red Chutney : Made up of onions, Chillies and tomatoes

Muffins : Chocochip muffins.

Quick Details:

Date: Sunday, 17th April 2022
Time: 09:00 am – 11:30 am
Price: 630/person
Venue: Edible Routes- Amarkanan farm
Farm no- 3, north drive , DLF Chatterpur
Location – https://g.page/Amarkanan-Farm?share

About Chef

Archana Singh hails from the quaint town of Banaras. Her culinary skills have been passed down from her maternal generations, from her dadi, nani to her mother and her. Gastronomical expertise does run in her blood, with the first dish that she ever prepared being aptly named the ‘ladyfinger’. By handling her diploma, work in the hospitality and education industry, and cooking at home, all singlehandedly, she broke the myth that a working and studying woman cannot handle home affairs.
Archana specializes in using minimum ingredients with the best fusion ratio in all her dishes whether South Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, and so on in the most innovative, healthy, and delicious way. The biggest compliment that she ever received from her spiritual guru was that she was a master of creating soul-soothing food. That was the turning point for her when she decided to nurture this gift as a stress reliever and also to earn an income. She decided to not just feed her family but also feed the society that she was a part of.
Apart from food, she is also passionate about making art, gardening, and upcycling waste products aesthetically.