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Vishu Sadya @ Amarkanan Farm, Chattarpur

April 17 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Edible Routes has collaborated with Beetroute for The VISHU SADYA.


1. Matta Rice -Red rice from Kerala.
2. Parippu – Moong dal simmered with ground coconut.
3. Sambar – Lentils and vegetables cooked with a special spice blend and tamarind.
4. Avial – Mixed Vegetable Curry cooked with ground coconut and seasoned with curry leaves and coconut oil.
5. Thoran – Finely chopped vegetable stir-fry with coconut shavings
6. Mezhakkupuratti – Stir-fried vegetable
7. Olan – Ash gourd and cowpea cooked in coconut milk.
8. Rasam – Tangy soupy dish with spices, herbs, tamarind, tomatoes, and/or lentils.
9. Pachadi – Vegetable and yogurt relish with a hint of ground mustard and coconut.
10. Mor Curry – Buttermilk cooked with coconut, turmeric, and green chilly paste tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds.
11. Inji Puli – A sweet and sour ginger relish.
12. Pickle
13. Pappadam
14. Upperi – Banana Chips
15. Ada Pradaman – Kheer with rice noodles, jaggery, and coconut milk
16. Pal Payasam – Slow cooked rice kheer
17. Sambaram – Spiced buttermilk
18. Banana
19. Ghee

Quick Details:

Date: Sunday, 17th April 2022
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Price: 1470/person
Venue: Edible Routes- Amarkanan farm
Farm no- 3, north drive , DLF Chatterpur
Location – https://g.page/Amarkanan-Farm?share

About Chef

Rekha Natrajan’s Beetroute is all about simple, delicious and thoughtful food – fresh and flavourful, light and healthy, vibrant and delicious. They bring you food that makes your everyday exciting and special days super. It is a delivery kitchen – a home kitchen – which serves family favorites and familiar flavors. Started in 2019, from a tiny kitchen in South Delhi, it delivers across Delhi-NCR now.