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We are always there on the other end of a phone call. But we request you to check some of the commonly raised questions below to find the answers.

frequently asked questions


  • What are the different sizes of the plots? How to choose a size?

    We offer 1200 sft plots which are sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 people.

    The quantity of vegetables varies from season to season.

  • What all is included in this subscription?

    A lot of things! Starting from seeds, manure, organic fertilizer, the pricing covers seasonal vegetables produce (harvested weekly), organic farming know how, farming support staff, access to our extremely active and productive urban farming WhatsApp group and discounts and offers at our events and programmes.

  • How many times are we expected to visit the farm?

    As many times you like. The farm is open 365 days from sunrise to sunset.
    Your farmlet is your baby, we are just the day care!  Visiting your farmlet even once a week is a great way to join in in the farming process, harvesting and interacting with other farmletters.

  • Why can't I just get my vegetables delivered to me?

    While we do deliver vegetables from your farmlet to your doorstep, but we would love for you to consider your farmlet as an extension to your own home, just like another terrace, and participate in the farming process as well. That is why we are working on bringing these farms as close to residential settlements as possible.

  • Land Projects

  • How much land do I need to grow enough food for me and my family?

    You can very easily grow ALL your primary food needs including vegetables, oils, pulses and cereal in an acre of land for a family of four. This will involve specialized growing techniques, planting strategies and land utilization which Edible Routes will help you with.

  • Can I grow commercially? Will Edible Routes help me with that?

    To sell your produce is totally up to you. At Edible Routes, we want people to first grow for themselves and fulfil their basic needs. Our consultancy is limited to creating a healthy and productive farm for you and your family.

  • My land is degraded because of past erosion/chemical use. Can I grow anything?

    Yes you can, but again maybe not immediately. Depending upon the extent of erosion or land abuse, what you can grow and how much you can grow maybe affected. As part of our consultancy we will provide you with optimum and effective solutions to reverse the effects of degradation and bring back fertility and life to your land.

  • Is it important to create a farm to include biodiversity?

    Yes it’s very important. Because a bio diverse system has many elements that a mono-crop farm does not. Nature likes diversity, it thrives on it. Growing many vegetables along with fruit trees, native trees, shrubs and grasses, using chicken and cows in farming builds rich soil, replenishes the ground water, deters pests and also creates nutritionally dense food.

  • Will Edible Routes provide me with any maintenance contract for my land project?

    Definitely! We want you to become a confident urban farmer and will guide you through the entire process of growing your own food. In our maintenance contracts we can mutually decide upon the number of visits you would like us to do.

  • Workshops

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Sorry, we do not allow cancellations for any workshop bookings. 

  • I booked for someone else. Will you allow them to attend in my place?

    Sure, please drop us a line at support@edibleroutes.com and we will hgelp you out.

  • I can't find the topic of my liking. Can I request a session on it?

    Absolutely! YOu can write to us at workshops@edibleroutes.com with your areas of interest. We will come up with a workshop that covers that topic and more!

  • Kitchen Gardens

  • I have a small balcony/terrace. Can I grow anything there?

    Please allow us to visit your home/office by sharing your details at the bottom of this page. We will visit the location and advise on the possible design. We do have a variey of options available to help you start growing at home.

  • What is a Kitchen Garden?

    A kitchen garden is a source of fresh and natural vegetables & fruits being grown for personal consumption or hobby at home (terrace, balcony or any other open area with sufficient sunlight) or even at scholl yards, offices, industrial complex, Residential complex etc.

  • I do not know how to maintain plants. Will I be able to get a kitchen garden at my place?

    It does not require expertise to start a kitchen garden. We also offer a wide range of workshops that can be attended by beginners to learn about tbest practices.

    We are with you every step of the way from set-up to harvest. Get in touch with our team and start now!

  • I have tried growing at home earlier, but it doesn't work. There are too many pests and rodents around!

    We understand the pain of losing your crops and plants to unwanted visitors. But we can help you reduce the risk through products designed to repel harmful elements like monkeys, birds etc while taking measures to introduce instects that are beneficial to the soil and plant health.