Farmlets – Rent mini farms to grow your own food



Our expertise. Your mini farm. Your organic food.

Owl and owlet, pig and piglet, so it only makes sense that a mini farm be called a Farmlet!

What is the concept of farmlets?

Rent your very own miniature farm and grow the things you like, organically. Learn farming skills and techniques, become a city farmer and join the community of happy farmletters.  

And don’t worry about being a new farmer when we are here! We will ensure that you enjoy the goodness of your organic farm produce to the optimum. We take care of all your farming requirements such as seeds, saplings, organic manure, weeding, watering, manpower and maintenance.

There is nothing better than growing your own organic food while enjoying the benefits of outdoor life and spending stress free time with family and friends.

How do farmlets work?

  1. Based on your family size and requirements, choose from 1200sft, 1800sft and 2400sft plot sizes at either of our three farmlet locations near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (Gurgaon), Church Road  Vasant Kunj (Delhi) and near Kalindi Kunj metro station (Delhi).
  2. Choose from an extensive list of seasonal vegetables you would like to grow.
  3. We grow the seasonal for you, using only natural and sustainable methods.
  4. Join in the farming process from sowing, to weeding and harvesting at your convenience. The farms are open on all days. 
  5. Learn at workshops especially designed for new farmers. 
  6. Harvest your very own organic vegetables or let us deliver them to you.
  7. Stay healthy! 🙂

Excited? Why don’t you schedule a visit to our farms?

Growing your own organic food through Edible Routes farmlets has many benefits:

  • Fresh & organic food: Learn how organic food is grown without any chemicals and in a natural environment. We use only in-house organic composting and bio-pest management techniques.
  • Farming experience: A team of certified permaculturists and organic farming experts are always there taking care of your farmlet. Learn organic farming from our experts through our workshop sessions & experience the joy of growing your own food.
  • Knowledge sharing: Chat about recipes & experiences with other city farmers during open-houses and in our WhatsApp groups.
  • Convenient delivery: Should you wish to, we offer delivery of your harvest to your doorstep.
  • Good for the earth: We ensure your organic food is good for the earth too by using energy conservation techniques, water conservation techniques thus keeping a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Connect with nature: Visit your farm with family and friends, get your hands dirty and harvest your own vegetables. It’s a great place to bring your kids and connect them with nature.

Find your farmlet

Edible Routes Juapx Farm, lies in the heart of South Delhi. The meandering Spring Lane on Church Road in Vasant Kunj leads up to this serene farm.  While the periphery is dotted with Nilgiri trees , the farm is abound with Mulberry , Banana, Mango and Bamboo trees. Enjoy this beautiful farmland while learning how to grow your own food. See how our natural farming practices transform this land into a glorious edible landscape.

Edible Routes Jupax Farm address:
Spring lane, Church Road,Vasant Kunj Delhi
Google map pin:

Edible Routes Aali Farm is an old fruit orchard, with a bounty of fruits coming in every season. The farm is near Okhla Bird Sanctuary and only ten minutes from the Kalindi Kunj Metro Station. Own a farmlet here and enjoy farming in the cool shade of mangoes, jamun, guavas and lemons.

Edible Routes Aali Farm Address
Jaitpur village road Near Kalindi Kunj Metro Station, Madanpur Khadar Phase 3, Jaitpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110076
Google Maps Link:

Edible Routes Damaali Farm is a lovely undulated piece of land about 20km from Gurgaon.  Near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, it’s a great place to do some bird watching, soaking in the winter sun and of course farming!

Edible Routes Damaali Farm Address
near Village Sadrana, Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon, Haryana 122505
Google Maps Link:

Schedule a visit to either of these farms and check out our farmlets.

What all can you grow on a farmlet

As an organic farm we only grow food naturally and seasonally, ensuring you get a variety of vegetables year round.

That means during summers and monsoons you can get organic cucumber, karela, gourds, amaranth, sweet corn, baby corn, desi corn, lobia, kalmi saag, Ceylon spinach, bhindi and beans to name a few.

With the onset of winters the organic vegetables really go into full gear with cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, a variety of lettuces, carrots, white-red-round-long radishes, spinach,methi, dhaniya, potatoes, french beans, chives, onions, the list goes on!

And oh, we forgot to mention brinjals, tomatoes, chillies, oregano, rosemary, lemongrass, celery, parsley, leek and fennel too!

This is just a glimpse of what all we grow, we have created a planting calendar especially suited to the Delhi NCR climate through thorough research and trials, enabling us to make the best of each season so that there is always some organic vegetables growing at your farmlet for you to take home.

See what all are our current farmletters growing on their farmlets. Schedule a visit to our farms.


You can rent an Edible Routes farmlet for as little as Rs. 4,500 per month.

Considering this is organic seasonal farming, we have a minimum subscription plan of 6-months, starting from Rs. 4,500 per month for a 1,200 sqft farmlet at our Aali Farm. A 6 month subscription is necessary because vegetables take time to grow, it encourages patience and a chance to connect with your organic food.

Not to forget the price for the farmlet also includes, access to our online community of urban organic farmers, special discounts and offers at our events and programmes.

Pricing Plans

Farmlet Subscription Cost
(for a minimum 6 month subscription period)

Have questions on our pricing model – submit a query or call us on +919811071751

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Farmlets

What is a Farmlet?
A farmlet is a small plot of land on a larger piece of agricultural land, where with the help of Edible Routes you can grow organic  foods.

Where are all your farmlets located?
Damaali Farm is near Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary on Pataudi road, Garhi Harsuru and Aali Farm Jaitpur village close to Kalinidi Kunj Metro Station and Niligiri Farm, Church Road, Vasant Kunj.

What are the different sizes of the plots?
You can choose from 1200,1800 and 2400 square feet plots.

What is the price of the subscription?
Pricing for a farmlet starts from Rs. 4,500 per month for a 1,200sqft farmlet at the Aali Farm and goes upto Rs. 7,000 per month for a 2,400 sqft farmlet at our Aali Farm.
For more pricing details, view the pricing map above. 

How should I chose a farmlet size?
The vegetable output varies from season to season but on an average the 1,200 sqft and 1,800 sqft farmlets are enough for a family of 4 to 6, while a 2,400 sqft farmlet can easily feed a family of 6 to 8.

What all is included in this subscription?
A lot of things! Starting from seeds, manure, organic fertilizer, the pricing covers seasonal vegetables produce (harvested weekly), organic farming know how, farming support staff, access to our extremely active and productive urban farming WhatsApp group and discounts and offers at our events and programmes.

Is there a hidden cost?
No! The pricing is all inclusive (even taxes). 

How many times are we expected to visit the farm?
As many times you like. The farm is open 365 days from sunrise to sunset.
Your farmlet is your baby, we are just the day care!  Visiting your farmlet even once a week is a great way to join in in the farming process, harvesting and interacting with other farmletters.

Can we work at our Farmlet anytime we want?
Absolutely! Our farm staff is available 7 days a week from sunrise till sunset.

Can the veggies be delivered to our house every week?
Yup, by choosing a delivery plan with us.

Will we be taught how to farm at our Farmlet?
Yes, We conduct regular knowledge sharing and one on one sessions for our farmletters with our in house experts. Getting involved on a regular basis , for example visiting your farmlet weekly will also help you get hands on experience in farming and learn all its nuances!

Can we bring our own seeds to plant?
Yes, however these have to be approved by our experts first. We can guide you on quality and success rates.

Can we get our own organic manure to put on our veggie beds?
Yes, again this has to be approved by our experts for quality check.

Will we get a weekly update on what is happening on our Farmlet?
Yes, this happens through our whatsapp group and in one on one sessions. Also, we have an active Google group where general updates about the farm are discussed.

Can we bring our family and friends to the farm?
Of course.  The farm is yours to enjoy once you subscribe We do however prohibit the use of alcohol smoking and non-vegetarian food at the farm. Also, we follow a strict zero waste policy so all waste, especially any plastics are to be taken back by visitors.

Can we grow non-seasonal vegetables on our Farmlet?
Can a fish climb a tree? Only if you make some contraption that will enable it to! Likewise we prefer to stay away from unnatural systems and cycles. Every season has its own specialty and types of veggies which is good for mind and body.

Can we grow fruits on our Farmlet?
Maybe papaya and banana. But mostly it’s not a great idea for farmlets because fruit trees require anywhere between 2 to 4 years to mature before they start giving fruits.

What are the vegetables that we can grow on our Farmlet?
All seasonal vegetables We give you a planting list once you subscribe. Choose from the extensive list of organic veggies that you can grow for yourself and your family.

Can we grow herbs?

Can we exotic vegetables?
Yes, but the seeds/saplings have to be procured (at extra cost) from us or you can purchase these by yourself and bring along. However, because they are not fully suited to the Delhi NCR environment  we do not guarantee the successful germination of these at the farmlet.

Can we grow pulses and grains?
A farmlet plot is not sufficient to grow a family’s supply of pulses, grains and vegetables that’s why we are already growing organic pulses and grains that you are free to purchase from us.

To know more about our farmlets, the best way will be to visit one of our farms. Schedule a visit here, or call us on +919811071751

If you are interested in converting your land into Farmlets, please click on the link below and fill the form

Is the farmlet size too small for your needs? Do you own a farm that you would like to grow your food on? Let us know and we can help you grow food on your farm land.

Want to grow your food on our balcony or terrace instead? Why don’t you consider setting up a kitchen garden?