Introduction to Composting and Fertilizing

Did you know you can save the world one chhilka at a time? 60% of the waste we produce is biodegradable and can be converted into yummy compost for your plants. This workshop will teach you to compost at home in the simplest, least-smelly manner possible.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • the basics of aerobic and anaerobic composting
  • composting at home – how to make it easy and odorless
  • leaf composting and mulching
  • using homemade compost

We’ll also do some hands-on work on:

  • balancing wet and dry waste
  • compost tea
  • jeevamrit and ghanjeevamrit (cow-dung based fertilizers)
  • making fertilizer with seaweed and salt solution
  • making a sapling pot with compost

Duration: 2.5 hours

We’ve conducted workshops at India Habitat Centre, Zorba the Buddha, Soul Centric, Padma Centre for Soul Realization, Novarch Architects Studio, Quicksand Design Studio and a host of other places. We find that architects, designers, artists, yogis and all sorts of truth-seekers have a natural affinity towards kitchen gardening.