Multi vita 500 ml


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Multi vita 100% Eco-Friendly product and is an excellent input in modern agriculture. It provides numerous benefits to crop production.
1. It could largely stabilize nitrogen and release lock up phosphorus in soil and increase soil water holding capacity
2. It helps break up clay and compacted soils, assists in transferring micronutrients from the soil to the plant, enhances water retention, increases seed germination rates, penetration, and stimulates development of micro flora populations in soils.
3. It act as a Buffer to Neutralize alkaline and acidic soils, freeing many previously bound trace element.
4. It act as a natural Chelator (by providing a high cationic exchange capacity) to improve the uptake of minerals ,nutrients and trace elements by plants Direction of use Field tested on Crops such as Rice, wheat, sugarcane, orchards, cotton, chilies, banana, soybean, groundnut, vegetables, fruits, flowers, major plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plants and all other crops specially high value crops. Direction for use:
Soil application: 10 ml / 1 L of water.


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