Edible Routes

what we do

Edible Routes is one of India’s largest organic farming organisation. We set up kitchen gardens, rent out community farms for urban growers, conduct workshops on organic farming & sustainability and sell farming products.

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Edible Routes has a wide range of services thanks to our in house knowledge base and expertese. We are leading efforts across creation of awareness through Workshops, spreading the joy of Organic through our Online Shop and building a shared economy for those who love farming themselves through our Farmlets business. If you have unused open space, you can call upon us to create a Kitchen Garden for you.


You can rent mini-farms, or farmlets, to grow 100% natural greens, vegetable, herbs and fruits. Its your Kitchen Garden away from home, managed by our experts.

Kitchen Gardens

How would you like to have an edible landscape at your place? Get a hassle free kitchen garden started. Take the first step!


Check out our upcoming masterclasses We ensure that our workshops are useful for beginners as well as experienced farmers Watch out for our regular free webinars and start learning!

Land Projects

Contact us if you are looking for support or end-to end execution. We are available all across India.

ER Foundation

Edible Routes Foundation (or ERF) restores and revitalizes land, water and community. We are a non-profit committed to finding local solutions to global environmental problems. Our work areas include, but are not limited to, eco-education, waste management, water harvesting and ecological restoration.