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As a volunteer with Edible Routes you will get to work in a real farm, set up kitchen gardens, plant trees, compost and make structures with natural materials and so much more.

At the end of your tenure we can even provide you with a letter of recommendation and appreciation that will go a long way in applying for jobs, courses and other volunteering opportunities.  

If you are a hard worker, have lots of ideas, passionate about learning and get excited thinking about getting your hands dirty then come volunteer with us. 

Please send your resume to info@edibleroutes.com with the subject line “Wish to volunteer at Edible Routes”

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Here’s what some of our recent volunteers are saying

Ruchi is a freelance Business Development Consultant who helps small creative hot shots in getting business and maintaining ongoing business relationships. She discovered Edible Routes through one of our workshops. Since then she has been volunteering at the farm, where she gets to learn about herb and vegetable gardening, and composting.

“My life choices have changed ever since I got involved with Edible Routes”, she says.“I recycle most of my plastic waste, and compost all my kitchen waste. I also grow a lot of my own food” she tells us proudly.

- - Ruchi Budhiraja Warikoo

Shreyaa runs a small catering business. She also has a backyard kitchen garden where she grows herbs and vegetables. She has been volunteering with us for over a year now.

“Volunteering/learning at Edible Routes since 2015 has given me a lot of hands on knowledge and I have had the opportunity to meet some lovely like-minded people.I look forward to more learning and volunteering with the team”, she says.

- - Shreyaa Shah

Ranjan is a freelance writer who uses his hours at Edible Routes to work his way out of a writer's block. He is from Dehradun where his dad tends a small kitchen garden.

“Edible Routes gives me a sense of being back home. And I also end up with bits of knowledge about growing and tending that I can take back to my father's fields”, he tells us.

- - Ranjan Nautiyal

Sangeeta is an entrepreneur and Founder-Director of VRVirtual.com Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based Web Solutions Company. She is passionate about Green Living and has been segregating waste at home for over two years. Her search for doing more connected her to Edible Routes.

She says, “Connecting with soil and growing plants has taught me a deep lesson – Life grows and matures at its own pace, we cannot push it. We can only nurture it by providing right ingredients and lots of love. The team at Edible Routes is warm and passionate. They welcome ideas, celebrate differences and are truly committed to making urban living experience richer by connecting lives to the joy of growing”.

- - Sangeeta Mamgain