Camp in the City! An experiential weekend (April 22, 2017)

This program by Edible Routes in collaboration with Deev Datta is a chance for young teenagers (age 11-15) to get connected with nature and learn from Nature in the middle of the city.

It addresses the issue of Nature Deficit Disorder by getting young people outside and into nature – an experience that will offer deeper connection with elements that surround us. This short program allows participants to explore their creative self, bond with friends and Nature, and learn from each other.

The weekend focuses on hands-on learning. Play in nature, work with hands, learn to observe the events of nature and pay attention to our wishes and need are important elements in this.

During the program, participants’ safety, and their (physical, emotional) needs will be taken care of by two experienced facilitators. They will also facilitate the events and their learning.

Program activity: This Nature immersion program brings to young teenagers new experiences and new learning. Participants might experience one night stay under the stars and cook simple meals during the camp. They might build a simple shelter, explore natural elements, work with the soil to grow food, and harvest. Interactive games and reflection allow to discuss what this means to them. Please note that the program depends on the weather and needs of the participants.

Participants should bring: A curious mind, loose outdoor cloths (that can get dirty), close-toe shoes, extra pair of clothes and undergarment, water bottle, minimum toiletries, headlamp, one bed sheet, a small knife (for carving), mosquito repellent, sunscreen. A packing list will be provided upon enrolment.

Please do not bring: food (snacks), valuables, mobile phone.

Note to parents/guardians: Please come for the initial briefing on morning of 22nd April for better understanding of the program, meet the facilitators and see the farm.

Facilitators’ bio

DEEV DATTA – Deev simply likes to be in the nature, living with minimum material possession. A life learner and facilitator, He likes to work with young minds to know them, understand the change in the society and its needs. Deev has worked in the field of Experiential Education since 2003, working in India, USA, Taiwan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Thailand. He holds Wilderness First Responder certificate to be able to manage emergency situation. He believes that Nature is a great teacher, and that we can learn best about ourselves being in connection with nature, using our senses, being aware of our surrounding. At present he focuses on learning to growing food and be a gardener/farmer. He practices Yoga and explores a Holistic understanding of life.

RANJOT SINGH (Edible Routes) – A Post Graduate student of Foreign Trade from The World Trade Institute, Ranjot has been working in his family business since his under grad days. He also worked with an e-commerce company “QNet”, while training and coaching people. His passion is to teach kids the basis of living a healthy balanced life while respecting and caring for the environment we live in. His overall goal is to live a healthy and sustainable life.

1 Day April 22-23
Where: Farm 8, Aya Nagar Phase 5, Delhi -47
How much: Rs 4500 INR
Early Bird discount: 4000 INR (until April 12)