Permaculture Design Course

North India Urban Permaculture Design Course by Edible Routes
Join us for north India’s first urban Permaculture Design Course. For the first time multiple practitioners from the Delhi NCR area will come together to facilitate a course packed with presentations, discussions and hands-on sessions on designing resilient and regenerative land and social systems in the north Indian urban context.
What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a response and an alternative WAY OF LIFE, based on a cooperative and non-exploitative relationship with Nature. Its focus is on:
Designing agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilient of natural ecosystems.
The harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter and other non-material needs in a sustainable way.
Creating self-designed social systems that multiply the beneficial relationships of individual members and emphasize nonviolent communication, non-hierarchical group dynamics and individual growth.
‘Permaculture’ can stand for ‘permanent agriculture’ or ‘permanent culture’. The ‘permanence’ implies a sense of resilience, durability and stability, in contrast to the constant change and instability of modern life. This particular course will cover all the requirements of the 72-hour Certificate course in the context of Delhi and North India. We will cover the ethics, principles and theory of permaculture design and ecological thinking but also spend many hours doing hands-on work on making water-harvesting structures, designing kitchen gardens, planting trees, raising nursery, making soaps and detergents and many other sustainability-related activities.
Course highlights:
This course aims to provide you a practical toolkit to apply in the urban context
• Ethics and principles of permaculture
• Systems thinking and design methods
• Observing and recognizing natural patterns
• Climates, microclimates and landforms
• Trees and tree systems
• Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
• Plant identification and nursery raising
• Urban kitchen garden design and maintenance
• Earthworks and water harvesting
• Composting and waste management
• Organic food production
• Ecological pest management
• Traditional Indian cropping patterns
• Building biodiversity
• Urban rooftop community gardens
• Windbreaks and fire control
-Ecological restoration
• Urban permaculture in low-income communities
– Post-harvest processing
– Farming tools and their effective use
– Holacracy and non-hierarchical team management
– Natural soap and detergent making at home
This course will be relevant and useful for anyone interested in agriculture, ecology and sustainable systems, but it’ll be especially useful for:
Architects and landscapers
Designers of every kind
Students of life
Kitchen gardeners

Date: November 18th Feb to 3rd March, 2019
Location: A farm in Delhi NCR

Fee structure: Course fee includes food and lodging
25,960 INR (18% GST Included)
22,420 INR (18% GST Included) ( Early Bird Discount )
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