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We see a world where all our food is grown close to us, by people known to us, there is a strong sense of community, delicious organic food and happy souls. We are building our dream one day at a time. 

We care about sustainable practices and we believe that Urban Food Landscapes are the only way to reduce the pressure on our food production value chain.

Land Projects

Contact us for setting up your agricultural land for success. We guarantee 100% organic produce of the best quality.

Kitchen Gardens

Grow your own food in your balcony, terrace, backyard or frontyard. We can also help setup a kitchen garden in your office, factory, school or college.


We share what no one else will! Learn from experts about growing your own vegetables, herbs, microgreens, about permaculture, traditional concoctions and more.

Farmlet Subscriptions

Get yourself a kitchen garden away from your house, managed by experts. Learn how to grow your own food and get it delivered to your house weekly.

Food & Garden products

Do not miss out on our array of garden supplies, organic produce and hand-made artisanal products made with our fresh produce and zero preservatives.

Edible Routes Foundation

Our Not-for-Profit Organisation works at the intersection of ecological restoration and community development through regenerating landscapes, developing knowledge expertise of local native species, and building ecologically conscious communities

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Edible Routes has been a wonderful experience. They have made organic vegetables a part my family's life. They have end-to-end solutions including consulting, set-up and maintenance. With their help I have developed a smoothie and salad garden at home. I am enjoying the red and green lettuce, pok choy,  baby spinach, rocket leaves, Swiss chards, the herbs and not to forget the envy of the guests. At every change of season they provide the next crop seeds, potting mix and valuable planting tips. The team is always eager to help. I am grateful to Edible Routes for my green fingers. My kids have developed a bond with our plant family and love caring for them.
Tina Aggarwal
My wife Aanchal informed me that Edible Routes (ER) has helped her sister for many years to maintain her Kitchen Garden. Her sister initially visited many workshops organised by ER team. With ER's help I have a Kitchen Garden where I grow palak, coriander, green lettuce, broccoli, beans, red round radish, snow peas, green and yellow zucchini, lots of pok choy, cherry tomatoes, basil, rocket leaves, spring onion, beetroots and all. Now with summer plantation, ER helped me with sowing tori, lauki, cucumber, karela, palak, bhindi, kakri and chillis, brinjal, pudina. My experience with ER started of well and is going on well. You get proper guidance and more importantly get proper potting mix and other stuff to start off your Kitchen Garden journey at a fast pace. Have seen my four-year-old son actively participating in all the activities including sowing the seeds, watching them grow everyday, watering the plants and the most important of all is the harvesting during which he has fun. I like to do gardening on my own. My son loves to harvest and eat spinach everyday.
Sunny Chawla
Shakti Nagar (Delhi)
Edible Routes has helped me set up the most beautiful organic garden on my terrace. I discovered them online when I was trying to learn about organic farming on home terraces. I attended a few of their immensely informative online workshops. Then, I took the plunge and set up my own kitchen garden. Edible Routes is meticulous, scientific, and well-organized. Most importantly, the entire team is passionate about their work. I set up a 350 square feet garden, and they have done it so elegantly. Growing one's own food has been an immensely fulfilling and nourishing journey and I can't recommend Edible Routes enough for anyone interested in indulging in this most therapeutic of all experiences.
Ananth Nath
Director, Delhi Press
I was introduced to kitchen gardening during the lockdown. Initial days were filled with doubts of whether anything will grow or not. Everyday my daughters and I would check on the beds, water them, checked for weeds and see if everything is fine. My daughters enjoyed sharing the experience with their cousins and friends. The garden became something to brag and boast during online classes. We had more than enough spinach, lettuce, dhania, raddish, parsley, celery and methi. Our vegetable vendor was surprised as to why the frequency of visits have reduced. We tried new soups and vegetable recipes. The freshness of veggies has been unmatchable. In the process we spent more time in improving our terrace, enjoying in the sun and have had multiple small get-togethers amongst the plants. During all this we have been ably supported by Edible Routes over phone as well as through home visits. All in all, it has been a good investment to bond with nature and family and enjoying the freshness that nature has to offer.
Amit Gupta
Lawyer (GK-II, Delhi)
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