Don’t Waste Your Waste: How to Make Compost and Use It Too

Did you know you can turn your chilkas into palak, tomatoes and chillies with just a little bit of work?

This workshop will show you how by giving you a thorough introduction to the why, what and how of composting. Soon enough, you’ll be able to have your waste and eat it too (kind of)!

We will be leading you through the entire process of converting your kitchen waste into delicious khaad.
We’ll teach you to balance our dry and wet waste and ensure our compost doesn’t get smelly. Different smart options for composting at home will be presented and practically introduced hands-on. 

Finally, we will close the loop by showing you how you can best (re-)use your compost in your kitchen gardens to grow even more yummy veggies.
Here’s what we’ll cover:

-the basics of aerobic composting
-composting at home – how to make it easy and odorless
-leaf composting and mulching
-fertilising your plants with homemade compost

And we’ll do some hands-on work on:

-balancing wet and dry waste
-compost tea
-making a sapling pot with compost

Instructor: Kapil Mandawewala
Instructor Bio: Kapil Mandawewala studied at the University of Texas, Austin and worked with Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco for five years before returning to India in 2008 to start organic farming in his twenty acre family farm in Gujarat. He then started Sajeevfresh [now Edible Routes] in 2010 with the mission of spreading healthy, nutritious and fresh food and building strong communities that are self-reliant.

Guest Instructor : Keshav Jaini
Instructor Bio: A keen environmentalist, Keshav has conducted solar cooking workshops for over twenty years. He’s also been composting at home and in his colony Garden Estate for many years. He hopes to share his experiences and guide others to benefit from the great resources that lie hidden in our kitchen waste.

Date: Saturday, 20th January 
Time: 11 am- 01:30 pm
Cost: 650 INR (plus 18% GST)
Early Bird discount: 550 Rs. (plus 18% GST)(Before 06 January)
Venue: Farm 8, Phase 5, Aya Nagar Ext. near Mother Mary School
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