Eco Brick – Steps toward zero waste lifestyle

DO you know India generates over 15,000 tonnes of plastic daily, of which only 60 % is recyclable and around 6000 tonnes remain uncollected as litter? This plastic waste is becoming a pressing problem specially in urban cities and has increased over years. Delhi produces the highest amount of plastic waste as compared to any other state in the country. Even though, there are various plastic recycling methods and technologies available, but these still are at a cost to the environment- energy intensive, generate pollution and require transportation to the recycling units.
Are you a conscious consumer? Do you know how much waste is generated by household shopping? Do you want to reduce your waste and take small steps towards environmental consciousness?
Join us in this workshop to know answers to these, and much more!
Through this workshop we will introduce you to why, when and how of conscious consumerism. The story of waste in Delhi and how you can take tiny steps to reduce your waste.
Our workshop will demonstrate and teach you how the plastic waste that you don’t know what to do with can be packed into a useable brick. These bricks are called eco-bricks, highly insulating, robust, building material that can be used to make stools, benches and even used in building walls along with clay or cement. Our workshop will teach you step-by-step how to build these eco-bricks. A simple process that reduces pollution and also has the ability to create “waste to cash” opportunity for the unemployed. And you will leave the workshop feeling proud by not contributing towards ocean pollution or killing innocent animals anymore.
Here’s what we will cover:
– Introduction to the Global picture of “waste”
– How can you be conscious consumers? Healthy consumerism and healthy life
– Tiny steps towards a zero-waste lifestyle: The 10 R’s of waste management
– Practical session on Eco- brick making and answering your personal questions
– Products out of eco-bricks: we will make one as a demonstration
What you’ll take-away
– A network of environment enthusiasts to connect with
– Motivation to make your own eco-brick at home
– Inspiration to adopt healthy lifestyle choices
Kanchana Weerakoon:
Kanchana Weerakoon, a Sri Lankan living in Delhi since January 2018 and the founder of ECO-V ( and co-founder of Journeys for Climate Justice in Melbourne, Australia ( . She has been conducting environmental training programs for last 26 years and specialized in birds, wetlands, organic farming, climate change, and conscious consumerism. She has over 5 years of experience in urban biodiversity restoration.
Ms. Weerakoon is well experienced environmentalist, activist and a zero-waste practitioner for last 17 years in Sri Lanka. She is trained from Smithsonian Environmental Leadership program at Front Royal, Washington DC and Conservation Leadership Programme, UK. She is also an Eisenhower Fellow (USA) and a Climate Reality Leader (USA).
** participants are encourage to bring their plastic waste- plastic wrappers which are not recyclable such as aluminum foils, cling films, medicinal tablet covers, any cookie or fast food wrappers.
Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 10 am – 04 pm
Cost: 1250 INR (plus 18% GST)
Early Bird discount: 1100 Rs. (plus 18% GST) (Before April 22)
Venue: Farm 8, Aya Nagar Phase 5, Delhi
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