Grow Your Food At Your Own Farmlet (Open House)

Is there a need to grow one’s own food?

Is it even possible?

Are you interested in growing your food on your own Farmlet?

A few years ago, the Delhi High Court declared the city’s fruit and vegetables unfit for humans. Delhi’s citizens are consuming pesticides every day – this is common knowledge. What are our alternatives? Expensive ‘organic’ produce? Not necessarily.

For the past four years we have helped many grow their own food – on their terraces, balconies and what used to be lawns. And now, we have launched the “Farmlets” program.

This program permits people who do not own the space to farm otherwise, to rent their own little plot of land (‘farmlet’) in order to grow greens, vegetables, and herbs for their own kitchens.

Like ‘allotments’ in the UK or ‘kleinfarms’ in Germany, farmlets aims to give its renters the chance to grow their own food and re-establish a connection to nature severed by modern life. This will be a community of city folk who can spend a leisurely Sunday with their families, working on their plots, enjoying the outdoors, and exchanging notes with fellow urban farmers. Farmletters will finally know the answer to where, how and by whom their food is being grown.

We invite you to come visit our pilot location for the Farmlets project – we will introduce you to concept of Urban Farming as well as the concept of Farmlets, and answer all your questions/concerns.

When: 15th July 2018. 7:30am- 9am

Please register here if you’d like to attend:

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